Koomus CD-Air

Koomus CD-Air – Universal Smartphone Mount

Koomus CD-Air CD Slot MountA few weeks ago I posted a detailed and glowing review of the Koomus Magnetos universal cd slot smartphone mount. This week Koomus was kind enough to send me one of their other cd slot options, the Koomus CD-Air – Universal Smartphone Mount, to review.

Koomus CD Air – Spring loaded grip holding an iPhone 6 plus.

Like the Magnetos, the CD-Air is a cd slot based smartphone mount. The difference between the two is how the phone is attached to the mount. In the Magnetos, the phone is mounted via a magnet whereby the CD-Air uses a spring loaded grip to securely hold he phone in place. Another difference between the two is the base unit and how it attaches to your cd slot. It is a newer and sleeker design. In the Magnetos, the slot mount is tightened by an adjustable screw and the CD-Air by a one-touch locking lever.

Koomus CD-Air mounted in the cd slot of a BMW 5 series.

The fit of the CD-Air inside the cd slot is snug and with the one-touch locking mechanism, installation is a snap. If for some reason your cd slot is too big the packaging also includes three different sized pads, that you can clip on the blades, for the perfect fit. As you can see from the image below, once installed, the mount is low profile and is easily adjustable. It has a long neck that can be adjusted up and down relative to the base, and a ball joint with a wide range of motion.

Note: The ball joint will seem stiff at first, but after frequent adjustments, it will loosen up for smoother operation.

Koomus CD-Air with iPhone 6 plus mounted and tilted towards the passenger.

The advantages of the CD-air‘s design is that it can hold most phones up to 3.54 inches wide. This will fit most phones, even with a case installed. It also holds your phone securely in place, without needing to worry about accidental physical contact, that can knock the phone off the mount; something you have to worry about with magnetic mounts. The grip is lined with soft rubber on the inside and will not leave a mark on your phone.

The adjustability is almost limitless as you can fully rotate between portrait and landscape and tilt with a wide range of motion.

Koomus CD-Air with iPhone 6 plus – landscape mode.

In summary, the Koomus CD-Air is a great accessory to own if you need a secure and convenient way to mount your smartphone in your vehicle. The secure grip, snug cd slot fit, and its full range of adjustability makes it a good buy. I also forgot to mention that the build quality is fairly nice. The black plastic matches that of most dark plastic in vehicles today.

Koomus CD-Air with iPhone 6 plus.

Having both the CD-Air and the Magnetos mount, I prefer the base of the CD-Air and the magnetic mount of the Magnetos. The only advantage of the CD-Air is its secure attachment and knowing that a hard jolt or accidental contact will not knock your phone off the mount.