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Koomus Magnetos Universal CD Slot Car Mount

Customer review for the Koomus Magnetos Universal CD Slot Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder.  

Since purchasing the new iPhone 6 plus, the phone no longer fits inside my cup holder or in crevices where my old iPhone 5 would easily fit. This is a huge problem for me and the search for the perfect car mount holder begins. Upon reading many reviews online and on Amazon, I narrowed it down to a few with the criteria that it is unobtrusive, easy on and off, non-suction based, and ease of manipulation for the perfect viewing angle.

Magnetos CD Slot Smartphone Magnetic Car Mount
Magnetos CD Slot Smartphone Magnetic Car Mount

Based on its simple design and brilliant mounting option, I decided to order the Koomus Magnetos Universal CD Slot Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder from Amazon for $16.00.

Installation was straightforward and simple. The small box contains the CD mount, magnetic ball joint, and two thin pieces of metal. One with adhesive and the other without. I don’t recommend using the

Place the thin piece of metal in between your phone and case

adhesive version just because it looks ugly to stick that to the back of your phone or case. It was included for devices like a GPS unit where a case is not available. Use the loose piece of metal and put it inside, between your phone and case. See illustration. You can use either the one with adhesive or not, but the one without seems thinner and will not affect the fitment of your case.

Tip: I recommend that you cover the metal sheet with tape or alternatively, a post-it note so that the bare metal does not come in contact and scratch your phone.

Attaching the Magnetos car mount to your CD slot.

Now that you have the metal installed, practice attaching it to the magnetic ball joint and play with the adjustments. Now attach the CD mount to your car’s slotted CD player. It will seem loose at first, but by turning the adjustment screw, the insert will expand and hold the unit in place. On the BMW 5 series, it fits perfectly without completely obstructing the air-vents or other critical controls.

At night, the mount is dark and small, keeping it discreet from prying eyes.

As you can see, the installation is straightforward and the look is discreet, not attracting attention like other popular windshield or dash mounts. You can adjust the ball joint to suit your viewing angle and easily change the orientation of your phone from portrait to landscape just by lifting and rotating your phone.

Also good for watching YouTube and movies.
iPhone 6 Plus mounted magnetically

The surface with which it comes in contact with your phone is made out of grippy rubber and once magnetically attached, the rubber has enough grip to let it not slide around during bumpy runs.

Note: The magnet is strong enough to securely hold your phone in place, but it is not strong enough for when you press the home button. Since the iPhone home button is at the bottom edge, the leverage point will easily pop your phone off the magnet. When you need to operate the phone, be gentle and support the tapping pressure with your hands behind for support.

iPhone 6 Plus mounted and tilted towards the driver.

Tilting the phone towards the driver, makes it really easy to operate apps like Waze, to tag police speed traps and traffic cams.

In summary, the Koomus Magnetos CD car mount holder is something I highly recommend if you have the same criteria as I do. In my opinion, this is the best accessory for all smartphones, large or small.